Choosing the perfect veil

The best piece of advice when choosing your wedding veil may seem obvious but must be remembered.

First choose your gown, then choose your accessories to complement it. Remember that it is the design of the headpiece and veil that transform a beautiful dress into a stunning bridal gown. All your accessories should most definitely not drown you but complement and enhance your wedding dress and you as the bride.

The whole outfit can send a message to your friends and both families about the style of your event – whether your wedding is traditional, themed, vintage, elegant or modern.

Remember the veil is part of your wedding outfit and should complement and complete the style you have chosen for your wedding day. Do try on lots of different lengths of veil as well as a variety of embellishments and edging, preferably at your dress fittings so you can see which suits you and your wedding dress.

Avoid a veil that ends right where your bodice begins, this cuts you in half visually. If you have a sharply defined waistline, don’t choose a veil that ends right at the waistline. Remember if there is a lot of detail on your dress a plain veil will allow this to show, either a short veil that ends above the detailing or a very long one that ends below the detailing will be best.

If you are having a plain and simple gown you can have a more ornate or decorated veil. If you are petite the veil should not overwhelm you, do not have too many layers or embellishments. Don’t wear something because you think you should, wear what YOU want!

Try some veils on with your dress even if you think you don’t want one, a veil can ‘finish’ your outfit and has been known to many of the mums cry on the day!

Most brides remove the veil after the ceremony and initial photos, before the reception allowing freedom to mingle and greet guests without worrying about having it tugged off. Don’t forget that veils come in any combination you want. We supply a vast variety of veils with any length, edging and embellishment and we have many samples to try on in-store.

You will only wear a veil once and it could be the accessory that makes you feel most bridal, so enjoy the experience.