Our brides: Niamh

Niamh & Billy Thorne shared with us some highlights on their wedding day! We love it!

“So our wedding day was September 24th in San Francisco City Hall. Just Billy and myself, we had decided this when we got engaged. I love weddings but I hated the idea of walking into a church walking up the aisle with everyone looking at me, I didn’t know if I’d be crying or laughing or tripping over myself with nerves so we decided to get married away and have our wedding and honeymoon in 1 trip. We also wanted to have a celebration when we got back with family and friends and chose The Shearwater in Ballinasloe for this.

This next lead us onto picking our location and once we landed on San Francisco and googled pictures of city hall that was it, we had found the perfect location, I don’t know how many times I googled pictures and pictured us as the bride and groom in the pictures!  Picking a photographer I thought would be a big job but luckily a friend of mine had lived in San Francisco and got a recommendation for another Irish girl living in San Francisco who was a photographer. Katie Hanrahan is her name.  We had checked out her portfolio online and loved her natural style of photos. We had been a little nervous on the morning of the wedding and as soon as we met Katie she was just so lovely, we felt like we had already known her, she made everything easy and nerves were just forgotten straight away!

We were in for 10.30 to get our marriage license so we had an hour and a half to get our pictures taken in and around city hall. As you can see from the pictures we were just spoilt for choice for picture locations just in this building alone, it is just a fabulous place and if anyone was ever thinking of getting married in America I would highly recommend!

So now we’re over our 2 days of celebrations and back to normality again and people ask do we regret the way we organized our wedding?  We have absolutely no regrets and would plan it exactly the same if we were to go back and do it all over again.  We had our special day with just the 2 of us and a celebration with family and friends when we got home. How many brides can say they got 2 years from their wedding dress!