Our brides: Katie

Belladonna Bridal was my fourth Bridal Shop. When I arrived, Sue, the lady working there, was extremely friendly and helpful.

I showed her the style of dresses I had in mind. She helped me choose ones similar and left them all down in the fitting room. However, just before I went down to try them all on, she pulled one off the railings, one I hadn’t seen. She said it was a stunning dress and really thinks it would suit me. I wasn’t sure, as it was nothing like the ones I had photos off. Anyway, I decided to bring it to the fitting room with me and off I was.

I tried four or five dress, all of the ones I had chosen. I wasn’t feeling comfortable in any and was getting discouraged. Then, Sue asked if I’ve tried on the one she had chosen. It had just come in that day, made by a Canadian Designer called Mikaella. She said she thought it would be beautiful on me. I decided to try it on having had no luck with the others I tried.

Sue helped me get into the dress, she hadn’t even fully zipped me up (I don’t even think I had my arms in!) when I shouted out to my Mom and sister behind the curtain, “This is the one, I love it”. Sure enough, they agreed. I knew instantly this was the dress I wanted. It was so classy and elegant. I could never get bored of looking at it. I didn’t want to get out. I was so excited!

I loved everything about my dress and I loved wearing it on the day!

Paul Duane Photography