What a bridal consultant should do?

After working with hundreds of brides we have learned what it takes to have great bridal consultants.

It’s our job to help a bride find the perfect dress and look as beautiful as she can be. Here are some tips to answer this famous question: what a bridal consultant should do?

  1. The right bridal consultant should recognize the features that make you unique and beautiful. Your consultant will listen attentively to your requests.
  2. “Seek first to understand then seek to be understood” (Steven Covey). After listening carefully the bridal consultant should also encourage brides to try different dresses and push them out of their comfort zone.
  3. They must be very honest about the price of a dress and also be careful to not show a bride dresses that exceed her comfortable price range.
  4. It’s a bridal consultant duty to tell a bride when she needs to stop searching. When a bride finally finds a dress, she doesn’t need to keep shopping around. Let that be the one!
  5. And the most important thing: the team must maintain a great atmosphere and ensure that the buying process is entertaining.

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