Wedding colour

Colour will set the tone, theme and also can help create a vibe for your wedding day.

It’s all about discovering the best reflection of your style and now read some tips to achieve the perfect look you’re dreaming of!

To get started, select your wedding season, your wedding colour scheme can be inspired by the time of year you’re saying “I do”. Remember: don’t shy away from colours you love through just because of seasonal colour “rules”.

Are there any particularly distinctive tones on any of the walls, carpets or furniture in your chosen venue? You may have to consider choosing your colour scheme to suit. Ask your venue to show you images of weddings so that you can get an indication of what you like and what you don’t.

Deciding on an accent colour, and then combining it with another milder colour can be very effective. Typically, colours that go well together are ones that are opposites because they pair a cool and warm.

Happy planning!