Bouquet shapes guide

There are a variety of styles that make a bridal bouquet, depending on the shape and type of blooms.

With so many gorgeous options, where do you start? Well, it’s up to you to decide which style complements your gown and ceremony style but we can definitely help with some advice about shapes and styles.


Cascade: The most traditional cascade bouquet features a “waterfall” of flowers that gracefully spill over the bride’s hands. This type of bouquet that Princess Diana carried makes a strong style statement, so make sure to keep your gown and other accessories simple.


Posy: Small and round, it can easily be held in one hand. That’s why is so popular for brides. It works well with roses, peonies, tulips and gerberas. They look best with an empire line or boho style.


Round: Round bouquets are simple and elegant, formed into perfect domes, often using a single type of flower. This type of bouquet works well with all wedding dresses styles.


Pageant: Pageant (over-arm bouquets) is a stunning alternative for a more modern wedding. Pageant bouquets look downright amazing with fishtail gowns or elegant column wedding dresses.